Picture the scene. You’re a GP and you’ve got 10 minutes with a patient. They present with multiple problems and for some of those problems, there is a clinical pathway, one you’re happy with and prescribe, but for the others, it’s social. It’s not clear what the referral route should be, who the providers are and how you can measure the impact of the social prescription.


My Community Referral - Effective technology solution - No Patient Data

Isolation, loneliness, the need for mindfulness, community groups. How do you make a consistent, professional referral into these non-clinical support services? One that satisfies the needs of the patient, the professional and manages the expectations of the community support.

My Community Referral is a cloud-based social prescribing tool which gives health professionals a clear, simple route to make social prescriptions. Without the need for patient data, the system enables anyone with permission (this could be a health worker, receptionist or link worker) to use the online system to make referrals into a list of pre-approved community support. This community support can be charities, voluntary local groups – anything which the GP or CCG approve and doesn’t have an existing clinical pathway.

Take a look at this video to see how it all works.

If you’d like to know about costs per CCG, GP Practice and at a local level, please get in touch.