My Community Referral social prescribing technology gives health professionals a clear, structured route for social prescribing referrals and gives patients confidence to take action when being referred into community services and support.

We have created a Social Prescribing software designed to make creating and measuring social prescribing referrals, simple and straight forward.

  • Formal route for Social Prescriptions – Enabling health care professionals to have a formal route for all social prescriptions without the need for ‘added paperwork’ for each provider.
  • 100% Up to date – Cloud based, ensuring all referrals, care partners and patient feedback is available to all parties online, immediately after creation.
  • Unique Referral ID – one ID per referral (which can include multiple care partners) and per patient giving the patient confidence in a referral and a clear course of action.
  • Quick & Simple – The system operates without the need for patient data so you can make referrals and track the referral progress without compromising patient data.

Our founder Kate Carney has created this mini selfie video to tell you about My Community Referral Social Prescribing Technology solution. If you have any questions or would like to find out more please contact us.